Playdate ~ Espana style!

Yo, all!  So the other day we went to Matt and Kari’s place for a BBQ and playdate.  The kids had a blast!!!  And our good friend Santiago grilled up some tasty meats.

“will you be my friend?”

Making a picnic

Matt and Kari’s transport…stick shift! yikes!

Lauren and Philip, big sister to the rescue!

Julia and Philip. I kinda feel bad about this one, as Philip didn’t want his photo taken. Sorry buddy!

Rachel goofing off

Playing a little basketball

Swoosh! Way to shoot!

As you can see, they have a nice patio where the kids can play. Below that is the level with the pool. Above it is the terrace.

Julia wears mom’s cover up

Tina, working hard, but she always has a smile!


Pool time!


Lauren after a nice refreshing swim!


Playing Catchphrase


Playing Catchphrase


David is pretty good at Catchphrase!


Mike gets home from work, and wants a refreshing drink, but all they had was this Damm Lemon!


Lauren and Shannon in the window


Acting out a play


Tina takes a break before dinner. She’s thinking of JC. 🙂


Matt and Kari’s view


Dinner anyone? Let's eat!


Mmmmmm, Spanish BBQ!


Sausage anyone?


Dinner for the kids


Lauren and Grace are happy! Give them a chicken wing and a view!!!!


The kids are satisfied!!!


Playing after dinner


Jen and Kari after dinner. 🙂




Andrew posing on the terrace


Kari and Tina…Enjoying the Mediterranean kitchen. 🙂


Word! A Diddy with the ladies!


Matt, Santiago, and Mike…with fully bellies. 🙂


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4 responses to “Playdate ~ Espana style!”

  1. Joyce Breslin says :

    Wow, it all seems so idealic! What a handsome family – how did you meet them? It’s great that the girls have someone to play with. Keep up the good work!

    • ocbrownes says :

      Auntie Joyce, These are friends from the states. Mike’s buddy and business partner. Then, Santiago, is his Spanish business partner/buddy.

  2. jean b says :

    Hey Guys!! Inane comment #2………..”WOW!!” 🙂 Gracie- Did you have your sleepover, honey? Did you get your…………was it a Mermaid’s “Tail?”…………….Great to put a face to your partner.. and he can cook too!!

  3. my4boysmom says :

    Looks like you all are having a wonderful adventure over there! Love looking at your posts/pics! Enjoy!

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