After the Tordera Street Market, we went to grab some lunch. After some goofing around, we picked a city and drove!


Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil


Three goobers!


Jen demands, “Okay, everyone, give a good photo now!” Not a bad shot, with a side of Julia’s photo bomb!


The goobers on the other side of the table.


Their nice shot…


Enough goofing around! Enough tapas…LET’S GO!!! All of Costa Brava to explore! What are we goofing around here for?


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5 responses to “ROAD TRIP!!!”

  1. EDGYMIX (@EDGYMIX) says :

    Great family photos!!! I have never done any road trip in my life!!!WOuld love to do it someday:))


    Sorry to have drop a link in here but don’t allow to log in:(( So weird:)) Will come by from time to time;))

  2. Bapa Browne says :

    I looked at the map of the area and noticed the cities you are visiting are fairly close…even Andorra doesn’t look as far as I had imagined although I guess there will be some mountain driving. Good Planning, Mike.

    • ocbrownes says :

      I know, It’s amazing how close everything is! I’ll look at a map, think “20 minutos” and we’re there before I put the map down…It’s wild!

  3. D.tully says :

    Hey guys, running with the chickens really? By the way, bulls 4 people 0. Lol

    • ocbrownes says :

      Hey Dad! We actually were running with the bulls, I just downloaded pictures from another part of Spain so you wouldn’t worry! Just kidding!!! Love you! I spoke with Delphine and we are meeting up with her and her parents on Monday!

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