Tordera Street Market

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days!  We went to the Torera Street Market that they have every Sunday, then decided to take a two day road trip. Here are the pictures from the market.  It, alone, was quite an experience for all of us!

On the road to Tordera…corn!

Excuse me, I’d like the LARGE overalls please…

And I love the t shirt, but again…do you have it in large?


Mom wants nectarines!!!! “Thanks honey. 🙂 “

Busy day at the Tordera market…

Meat anyone?

In case you didn’t find the meat you want…

Black foot ham leg…top shelf ham…

Rachel and Julia realize what dad means…when he says Black foot ham.

Check out the price of these beans…Girls are craving bean and cheese burritos…Super cheap food where we live. Pinto beans here, 7 Euros a kg.

“Mike, how about an avocado?” Yeah, how about no. These avos are from Peru!!!!! WHAT? No thanks!!!!

What a great lively sculpture…

Hmmmmm…Lively sculpture????

Chasing a rooster…little guy was chased into the bushes

…Get that rooster!!!!!

Andrew gets into the chase…(in dark gray shirt/black shorts)

Ahhhh, success….

Lucky winner gets to buy the rooster.

Grace finds the sweets truck!

More meat?

Speaking of meat…Anyone up for some poultry?

Shannon just gets it that the chickens are not solely sold for pets.

Grace likes the turtles…

Do you think Mike knows there is a parrot above his head?

Tordera Street Market….Every Sunday!!!!!!!

Tordera fish Market…Quieres bacalla????

The girls ran into an old friend…Katy Perry ~as a mermaid!

Hot older couple hoppin on a bike! This one made me think of my friend, JC and his wife, Tina!


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3 responses to “Tordera Street Market”

  1. Joyce Breslin says :

    So, does that mean if you want chicken for dinner you have to k— the chicken? Cluck – cluck. Are the girls bi-lingual yet? I’m sure they are learning a lot of Spanish – how cool! Every day is an adventure.

  2. Charlie B. says :

    to market, to market to buy a fat pig.

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