Jen got to pick the next destination, and she chose Figueres…But along the way, we came across this little gem!  I’ll let Mike share with you his experience going down a one way street in his corner.  I’ll focus on the beauty!!!




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7 responses to “Begur”

  1. Joyce Breslin says :

    Spain has the most beautiful coasts and I wish I could go snorkeling with you.Thanks for the photos.

  2. Dave Dunbeck says :

    Breathtaking pictures, great youtubes again, and what can I say about Mike’s Sachmo impression other than “magnifico!” Did the twins get those cool dresses in Spain? Love the colors (hey, guys notice clothing too).

    • ocbrownes says :

      These dresses are California…but driving through this region of Spain, I feel like we are in parts of California! I keep telling Mike, ooooh, this reminds me of (insert city name), CA!

  3. Charlie B. says :

    I’m too green with feelings of envy to even place my comments here.

  4. pinkiebrowne says :

    Hola, queridos viajeros! Ay yi yi………….Somehow I “thought” I had registered to follow your blog but never saw a post. I finally asked Joyce and Walt to send me the link so I could start getting your blog. We’ve been busy with Nick & Fam’s visit but I will definitely check it all out this weekend. I just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t interested in your travels and adventures. Saludos a todos y Hasta Luego. Tia Conchita (Aunt Shelley)

    • ocbrownes says :

      OOOoooooh, Aunt Shelley, we were feeling a tad neglected! hahaha! Sit back and enjoy! We’re off to Andorra, then France for about a week…I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to post!

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