Yesterday I woke up with a sneezing fit.  After all the winds and pollen, my allergies finally flared up.  Arrrgh….That makes for a groggy mom who doesn’t want to do anything.  But I sucked it up, popped a half a dose of benadryl, and grabbed the beach bag.  Of we went to a more secluded cove, just north of Tossa de Mar.  Canyet.  I’ll let the pictures speak for the amazing scenery.  Words cannot describe it.


At the mouth of the road that leads down to the cove, we were met by a french man with a fold up table.  He spoke french, so of course, I perked right up!  (I haven’t been able to use my french during this trip yet!!!!)  He explained that the road was private, but for 7 Euros, we could park down near the cove in the residential area.  He explained that we did not need to show our ticket in the dash, and showed us on the map where the snack bars are and best beaches.  We gladly paid, and drove down happily to find parking.  It wasn’t until we parked, and started to unload, that we realized we may have just been snowed.  It was as if some guy just decided to set up shop at a secluded cove in Costa Brava, and take anyone who was willing to stop.  But his tickets looked legit…And he was very nice!

Snowed in at the beach…but well worth the 7 Euros

After a tasty lunch (with a side of fries), the twins, Grace and Mike took off to explorkle (explore the cove and snorkle).  They had a fantastic time discovering super secluded waters and Shannon and I had a fantastic time relaxing by the sea!  There were a lot of French people there and hearing the language swirling around me in my benadryl and beer induced state was magical.  It was like a sweet birdsong after hearing all this Spanish.  I guess that’s why I majored in French, it just sounds so sweet!


Anyhow, back to the beach!  The one spanish family on the beach was having such a great time!  I suspect they were practicing for the human pyramid competition that is in Tarragona…

Grace and Shannon, relaxing on the sea

After Mike and the three olders got back, they explored the visible side of the cove.  They walked onto the rocks beyond Grace and Shannon in the above picture and found the creepiest bug I have ever seen.  Can anyone tell us what it is?

Creepy bug

After snorkeling, splashing and exploring we were all ready to hit the road.  Mike promised to grill up some American style burgers and we were all ready for that little piece of home!  The burgers didn’t last long enough to get pictures, but we were able to get this little gem!

Canyet Cove

I even used my French to ask the lady next to me to take this picture!


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5 responses to “Canyet”

  1. Joyce Breslin says :

    What a beautiful photo. You should make it into a Christmas card this year. The bug looks like an American Stink Bug – ugh! How did they get all the way to Spain?

    • ocbrownes says :

      Hmmmm, American Stink bug ehhhh???? I thought it was a dung beetle, it was HUGE!!!! With the curved horn….I think I”ve seen one in a Disney movie once…

  2. Dave Dunbeck says :

    Canyet looks like a place I could hang out for a week or so. The quaintness reminds me of the bay at Zihuatanejo in Mexico. Any panga boats to go fishing in? Are you planning on any boat excursions into the Meditarranean?

  3. Carolyn House says :

    Love the family photo! That place looks amazing!

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