So we’re waiting for dinner at the Hotel Ronda in Figueres and flipping through some pamphlets on Salvodor Dali.  This older gent with a small grey beard walks by us dressed in a black and white horizontal stripes shirt, and white jeans.  He rattles something off to us in Spanish, then realizes we speak English and starts talking to us in English.  This is my recollection of the conversation after the initial ‘4 girls, you are very lucky’ bit:
Man:  “Are you here to see Dali?”

Us:  “Yes, we’re very excited!”

Man: “Dali was crazy”

Mike:  “We told our girls that.  But our 9 year old disagrees.  Grace, tell him what you told us.”

Grace:  “He’s not crazy, he’s abstract.”

Man:  “No, he is not abstract.  He was crazy, it’s true.  Where are you from?”

And so on and so forth….

I am down to about 40% space left on this blog, so I will let you check out the museum art work yourself:


We call this one La Reina de Bocadillos

Mike and Grace discuss Dali’s wacky sculptures.

One of Dali’s favorite subjects was his wife, Gala.  A lot of his paintings of her are with her shirt off or partially off.  Shannon giggled at every painting, sculpture, and drawing with butts or tatas.  ~sigh~  So mature…I mean, really.


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2 responses to “Dali”

  1. Bapa Browne says :

    I hope when you arrived at the museum you remembered to say….Hello, Dali

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