We set out for Figueres, with yet again, adventure on our minds.    We stopped at a long stretch of sand on the way in L’Estartit.  On the way to that beach, was another castle.  We thought about hiking up the big hill to see it, but the sun was beating down and we were wearing flip flops.  The sand on L’Estartit was fine and the wind was strong.  Fine sand + Wind=sand in the eyes!  But the kids had fun tubing on the teeny waves.

We were all very tired and worn out from the wind, sand and sea, so we stopped at the first hotel we saw in Figueres, and got TWO rooms!  The kids were happy to have a room to themselves.  We ate dinner at the hotel restaraunt.  The food was delicious!  It was about midnight when we finished, and two of the kids had had enough!  See if you can guess who didn’t make it through dinner by our pictures.  🙂


        The girls slept in this room at the Hotel Ronda:

We allllllllll slept well, and wanted to stay asleep, but I had Dali on my mind so I woke everyone up and off we went!  People say that the Dali Museum is the only thing to see in Figueres, but I disagree!  I wish we would have had a longer visit, but I am grateful for the visit we did have.  Maybe I loved it because it smelled like the way to my childhood home.  Like heat and cows.  Aaaaaah, nothing like it in the world.   Even Grace said, “Hey, this smells like Grandpa Tully’s house.”  Home!!!!!!!






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3 responses to “Figueres”

  1. Joyce Breslin says :

    Is that watermelon I see. It looks so red, juicy and delicious. Yum!.

    • ocbrownes says :

      Watermelon it is!!!! The kids were soooo glad! Grace woke up enough to ‘help’ Mike order it…as an “AguaMelon”, which, btw is not what they call them here.

  2. jean b/gramma says :

    I wish you could have stayed longer too, Jen…….This sounds like your kind of place. So happy for you, honey.

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