Jardi Botanic Marimurtra

Yesterday we went to lunch at a yummy place called Lanou, and ate more food than I care to recount.  It was all delicious and we were tired after our big meal.  But since I had yet to see the Botanical gardens in Blanes (due to a slight uphill detour to the Blanes castle), I was determined.


Sign on the restroom doors at Lanou!


Fun with Bread and cafe!  Shan has Mike’s cafe con Leche, and I have my cafe solo.

The gardens were amazing with incredible views.  I never had a fear of heights until I had children.  This garden is on the bluff overlooking Blanes and there are no guard rails.  All of these castles and ‘high’ up sites have NO guard rails.  I knew this before I got here, but nonetheless, when you have 4 very determined and thrillseeking children, well, it makes for very sweaty palms for mommy!  Mike, of course, is always amused.  I usually have to walk ahead of them and shake my head when we’re near edges, but even so, I was able to get these great shots…


The visit was a success complete with parrots who say ¡HOLA!

It may be awhile before I post again.  Our next stop is Andorra for 2 days, then 3 days in Toulouse, and 1 night on the border of Spain and France.  We’ll conclude our trip with a stint for 10 days in Barcelona.  I’ll probably catch up with you once we’re there.  🙂


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6 responses to “Jardi Botanic Marimurtra”

  1. Joyce Breslin says :

    Hola to you all too. I love the bathroom signs – so cute. Also the parrots who speak Spanish – very smart birds indeed! Take care & keep on enjoying your magical experience. Auntie Joyce

  2. Dave Dunbeck says :

    A mi me gusta cafe con leche tambien. Beautiful gardens! I noticed the girls wearing the TROJAN t-shirts along with the two parrots. New family members? Jennifer, sorry about this, but Mike the Trojans are racking up some amazing recruits for 2013. Here is a link: http://rivals.yahoo.com/usc/football/recruiting/commitments/2013
    Fight on! Looking forward to your next post in Barcelona.

  3. Virginia Candy says :

    The bathroom signs are great! Sans words yet universally unquestionable :). Your girlfriend in Toulouse is going to be floored when she meets your exceptional family. Looking forward to more pictures! Betting that Barcelona is going to be one of the stand out / highlights of your adventures.

  4. EDGYMIX (@EDGYMIX) says :

    what a lovely family:)) Great photos..esp the one your daughter stook right next to the flower. her smile is lovely:)) it make me smile:)


    I will definitely let you know if I ever come to California…I need great tips for FOOD:P

  5. Bridget Hoida says :

    Could you all get any happier? I’m in LOVE!

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