La France

On the way to my friend’s house we stopped at the Parc de la Prehistoire

We definitely could have stayed all day, but we had a schedule to attend to, so we didn’t get to do all the activities.  Here is what we did get to do:


After a walk around the Prehistoric Park, we drove to Foix for some lunch.  We could have stayed all day there as well!  It’s a 3 hour hike up to the intact castle evidently, so we decided since we needed to be in Toulouse in 1 1/2 hours, it probably wasn’t a good idea.  The village center is also very nice.  We decided lunch would have to be the extent of our adventure for this town, so Mike ordered a giant salad and of course kangaroo.  The girls liked the colors of the napkins!


We made it to Toulouse with only a couple of “recalculating” moments, and found the bustling city to be quite overwhelming at first, after all of our country and beach living.  We found our apartment:

There was a shower door, but the drain was super slow.  That’s the only complaint.

After we settled in, we had dinner with my friend and her parents.  I haven’t seen her in 15 years, and haven’t been to France in 18 years!  So it’s been awhile!  We toured Toulouse with my friend, her beau and their son, then visited Cordes.  (The kids got to take the Metro for the first time!)  It was fun seeing these places for a second time.  The things I remember are so different than those things I take with me now!  For example, the only thing I remember about Cordes is the Sugar Museum, not the fact that it is a Medieval village completely intact!


Playing peek-a-boo with my friend’s son and the Bells at St. Sernin:


On our way to Cordes we had the classical music a blaring as we drove through the rolling hills and lush vineyards.


Here is one of the sculptures on display at the Cordes Sugar Museum (the one thing I remember from my first visit in 1994)

And Grace and Shannon get into the Medieval mood:

My friend’s parent’s house was getting some work done.  The front and the back yard were the same as I remember, except for one thing!  The backyard used to have a view of the entire city of Toulouse!  3 months ago, a builder built these duplexes, right in the line of view!  😦


It was great to visit France, but after all that Spanish, and the kids speaking in English, my mind was whirling while trying to speak French!  It was a true wake up call for me that I need to really kick up my languages!  And of course, I wish that we had been able to stay in France at least another week.  🙂  It is obvious that I need to find a job which requires me to travel to France.


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5 responses to “La France”

  1. Miranda says :

    Would that be your friend Del-fin-en? I’m sure that’s a horrible butchering of her name. LOL. And when you had be ask her a question in French did you really have me ask her what you told me it was, or was it some other horrible thing that I now ramble off when fussing at the kids in a state where they speak French? LOL

    • ocbrownes says :

      Hahaha! Yes, that is Delphine. I don’t remember what question I had you ask her. Remind me, and maybe it will jog my memory. While we were sharing memories over dinner with her parents, her mom remembered that she bought foi gras, and I asked if it was food for the cat, and her dad remembered that we went to the Mediterranean and I was too scared to go in the water. He looked at Mike and said, “Is she still scared of the ocean?” Mike said, “Aaaaah, you DO know her!”

      • ocbrownes says :

        Also Mindy, It’s time you learn French!

      • Miranda says :

        You told me it meant “are you having fun?” and as I remember it it was “A to to moose.” Or something like that. And I do need to learn French! The few things I say I have no clue what I’m saying and I forget people here speak it. LOL

      • ocbrownes says :

        Too funny! Yes, it’s “Eh to ta mooz” (phonetically) I do remember now. That is Are you having fun. As if I would lie to you! 🙂

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