Barcelona, part 1

Wow.  Just Wow.  Barcelona has been wonderful.  It’s hard to believe that we our visit is coming to a close.  I am so grateful to have spent so much time here!  We have had many adventures, stayed up until midnight or beyond every night, and danced in the streets.

When I say we danced in the streets, I mean that literally.  The first night we got here, we wanted to go see the Magic Fountain.  We were misinformed as to which subway station to get off on, and ended up at a little food truck at the base of a castle to ask directions.  There was Jazz playing,  and hot dogs.  So when the food truck worker informed us that we had about an hour’s walk in the other direction to the Magic Fountain, we threw our hands in the air and ordered a couple of hot dogs for G and S and beers for us.  R and J were convinced we’d find something better to eat.


After a rest and conversation with the food truck guy, we wandered back towards the subway station.  It took us awhile, but we found the station we needed to get home.  But not before we came across a concert in the street.  Well, our first night in Barcelona, and a concert in the street?  We obviously had no choice but to stop!


On our way from the subway station, we found something to eat, but not necessarily something better, but we had fun with the doors while Mike ordered.


We got home without a hitch, but also without the Magic Fountain.  That would have to be for the following night.

The next day, we walked by the church near our house.  It was Gaudi’s last work before he died, and it’s still not finished.  The Sagrada Familia is a massive cathedral with intense architecture.  It’s lovely, there is no doubt, but it kind of takes the solemness out of it, when there is a line around it to buy tickets to get in!  I’m not sure this is what Gaudi had in mind when he built it, but what do I know?  Still, it is an amazing piece of work.


Mike and I especially liked the Starbuck’s across the street, in honor of our dear friend Carolyn.

After a day of checking out the area,  we took the subway to the CORRECT station, and found ourselves at the Magic Fountain.  It was amazing.  It happened to be Grandpa Browne’s birthday, so the girls sang Happy Birthday to him with the fountain in the background.


Here are the girls dancing in front of the fountain:



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