Barcelona, Part 3

After our very late night, we slept in until about noon.  Mike was up a little earlier, looking up good Mexican restaurants in Barcelona.  He found two online.  We decided to try Rosa Negra and were not disappointed!  They did not have burritos on the menu, so we ordered sides of beans, cheese, rice, sour cream, and tortillas for the kiddos.  I ordered the Enchiladas Roja and a Pacifico!


We wandered around and found an old church built in the Roman style.  It was being refurbished, but still had the solemness one would expect in a church.  Not like the Sagrada Familia.  We were able to take an elevator to the roof, and it was a magnificent view.  Barcelona, as a collective, seems to be really into looking at the city.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, ‘it’s a long hike up the hill and you can see all of Barcelona’.  They have good reason to be proud.


After taking a couple of recharge days, we went back to it.  Shannon and I checked out the Casa Batllo, one of Gaudi’s creations.  It was amazing, and I was ready to move in.  Mike asked me if I was going to want to add some Gaudi components to our house…and I say, ‘Why not?’


After walking around Barcelona’s main ‘expensive’ shopping area and buying nothing but an icee, We stopped off for some drinks.  Excuse me, we ordered the LARGE!


On our way back to the subway, we stopped by to greet another street performer.  Then, to our surprise, the horse carriage we have been eyeing for 3 days was empty!  We jumped right on!


After walking through the narrow streets for so many days, it was nice to sit back and enjoy Barcelona in it’s glory.  Our carriage driver spoke little English, but enough to point out the places of interest.  It was cool to see all the places we had visited, and forgot to visit, from the seat of a carriage.  That was the day of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  We turned it on about 20 minutes into it, but were so excited to watch it together.  The beauty of the Olympics is that no matter the language, it is still a joy to watch.

Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned about travelling in Europe.

5.  Shower doors and curtains are not necessarily included in the price of your room.

4.  No matter what country you’re in, the coffee pot will always leak when you pour a cup of coffee.

3.  Just because the trinket on the shelf has a price tag on it, does not mean that is the price ~ there is always room to negotiate.

2.  In our experiences, Spain, as a whole, smokes a lot more than the French we encountered.

1. Believe it or not, Ikea makes the world go round!

Tomorrow morning the kids and I leave.  I’m happy to get home and settle into our new home, but on the same note, I can’t believe it’s already been a month.  Last night we enjoyed tapas in the rain…San Clemente, here we come, and Barcelona, you will always be in my heart!


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7 responses to “Barcelona, Part 3”

  1. Dave Dunbeck says :

    Awesome vacation. What will the girls do when they get back to school and they have to write about their summer vacation…write a novel?! Welcome back.

    • ocbrownes says :

      Haha…funny you say that…Their Grandmother bought them all journals for their trip. Julia said on the way to the airport that she thinks she is going to write, “I don’t really like writing in journals”.

  2. Joyce Breslin says :

    Hi OC Brownes – Thank you so much for sharing your final days in Spain. I loved the Magic Fountain – so colorful & Gaudi’s work is magnificent. I wish I could have been with you on the carriage ride – what fun. Welcome back to the good od USA.

  3. jean b/gramma says :

    Gramma is just in awe. Gracie, the hat is so you dahling!! love it!! and you all on the horses!! What a treat!! Can’t wait just to sit back and listen to you talk about it all………………Praying for a safe, comfortable, happy trip home. Lots of sweet dreams about your favorite adventures and about your wonderful home as you jet through the skys to San Clemente…….love you so much

  4. Bapa Browne says :

    Four weeks from today we’ll be in Barcelona….I want one of those medium size beers too!

  5. Virginia Candy says :

    I have enjoyed your adventures! If the girls are asked to write about their summer vacation come September, they will have a tough time narrowing it down! You did a fab job of documenting the trip. Loved seeing Gracie’s videos and photos…not shy, that one :). Now, on to your next adventure…enjoying that wonderful new home of yours.

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